Gentlemen, it certainly was a great weekend. Extremely exciting and hopefully not too stressful for our mum's and dad's. I just want to formally thank each and everyone for working hard, listening and doing what was asked of them.

I also wanted to remind you that the feelings, the emotions we felt yesterday are only achievable though hardwork and dedication. If we are to keep on improving and growing as a team it is important that we try 1% harder than we did last week, that we keep pushing ourselves to do things that we thought we could, to run faster than we ever have. A strong desire to win not only stands us in good stead for our 'football' growth but for the more important game of life itself.

Hope we all enjoyed the moment as much as I did, wollow in the glory.... but not for too long.


A special thanks to our parents, a good crowd, who without them none of this would be possible.