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Coaching and Player Development Committee Meeting Minutes

Proposed format change to U6 and U8 Programs for the Fall of 2013.

Subject:  Proposed format change to U6 and U8 Programs for the Fall of 2013.


The coaching and player development committee met on 5/22/13 to discuss several important issue relating to Donegal Youth Soccer.  In this meeting it was decided to ask the board for a vote to change the format of our U6 and U8 programs in order to align with US Youth Soccer standards.


The committee feels that adhering to the standards of US Youth Soccer will benefit the players and the club in multiple ways.  From a development perspective, the new proposed formats concentrate on age appropriate skills necessary to play the game at later ages, simpler concepts such as passing/receiving and “first touch” are stressed rather than tactical concepts such as “You are a defender or You are a striker”… Children at these ages do not understand these intangible concepts and are frustrated at the expectation that they will.

Benefits to the club include the ability to share a standard format with other local clubs and being prepared to participate in joint ventures such as attending another clubs end of year festival or hosting another club to play some friendly games.  Additionally, it puts the club in a more current format and shows the willingness to adapt to the ever changing game, the science of teaching sports is ever changing and it behooves us as a club to show that we can adapt to provide the best possible education for our club members.

In general, the format changes will stress smaller sided games and emphasize basic concepts and touches on the ball.  It is a simple but proven concept, the more touches on the ball you provide a player the more comfortable they are with the ball.  The format changes strives to provide as many touches as possible while maintaining the smallest forms of the game, triangles (3v3) and diamonds (4v4).  Goalkeepers will not be used as it is the feeling of the committee that these young aged players should not miss out on touches in order to play Goalkeeper.

Attached to this request, is the formal US Youth Soccer format descriptions.

The Coaching and Player Development Committee is requesting a formal vote on adopting the format for our U6 and U8 age groups.


Brendon Sanders

Director of Coaching (DYS)